Deploy windows 7 using mdt 2013

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As we had already discuss on how to install MDT 2013 In this post we are going to discuss on how to deploy windows 7 using MDT(Microsoft Deployment Toolkit) 2013. MDT 2013 is a great tool to deploy operating systems using network or media you can deploy operating system as well as software’s with Microsoft deployment toolkit

Open MDT 2013 Deployment workbench first we are going to import lan driver so that we can deploy windows 7 via network for importing lan driver in MDT go to out of box drivers right click on it select import driver to import driver

Select path where you have LAN driver(MDT only import drivers if you have INF files of drivers) after selecting driver path click next

In this example i had only imported lan driver if you want to add more drivers you can add rest of drivers with same process

Click on finish when process completed successfully

Next process in Deploy windows 7 using MDT is to import operating system right click on Operating Systems select import operating system

Click next at OS type

Select Source of operating system in this example i have inserted Windows 7 DVD in DVD Rom and my DVD Rom drive is D:

Select directory where you have windows 7 source files

Type destination directory name click next

See progress window MDT copying all files in Deployment Share

When importing of operating system finish click on finish

We had imported drivers operating system now it’s time to create a task sequence to do this right click on task sequence select new task sequence

Type task sequence ID and task sequence name then click next

Select standard client task sequence click next

Select Windows 7 which you we have imported earlier

Deploy windows 7 using mdt

If you want to specify product key then specify at this window or click next

Type full name, organization name or if you want to set internet explorer home page type address then click next

Type local administrator password then click next

See summary then click next when finish click on finish

We had imported driver, Operating System, Create task sequence now we are going to update deployment share right click on MDT deployment share and updates deployment share

Click next when process updated deployment share click on finish

Now we had done all steps to import operating system in MDT now it’s time to deploy windows 7 using MDT to do this we have to add boot image in WDS boot images open windows deployment services go to boot images right click on it to add boot image

Select boot image from deployment share then click next and follow the process to add boot image when done click on finish

After adding boot image in WDS go to your second machine in which you want to deploy windows 7 using mdt, boot it from network

Click on run deployment wizard to install a new operating system

Type administrator username, password and domain name then click ok to continue

Select task sequence we created in previous step

Type computer name, work group name or type details if you want to join domain

Click next at move data and settings

Click next at user data restore windows

At this window specify language and time settings

Select do not capture an image of this computer click next

See details and click on begin

Now MDT is installing windows 7

When installation complete click on finish windows 7 is deployed and ready to use




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